Green Lanterns, Volume 3: Polarity

I had the opportunity to read the third trade of the Green Lanterns Rebirth. I have been following Green Lanterns since the first trade paperback came out and I am loving the new lanterns. Jessica Cruz is definitely my spirit animal.

Official Synopsis: The Green Lanterns head to Gotham City to team up with Batman! Facing their fears, the team must bring down the Scarecrow and a new toxin. Then, the First Lantern returns, seeking his power back. Plus, Polaris strikes again!

Volume 3 covers #15-21

Writer:                                                              Artist:

Sam Humphries                                              Robson Rocha


I felt that the Batman issues should have had a longer arc. Usually trades only have one arc and some one shot issues. This is not the story for this trade. There is the Scarecrow/Fear Toxin story plus the first lantern and Polaris. It just seems like a lot for one trade. My favorite issue was #15. Jessica Cruz relates to many people on a human level. The fact that she is able to overcome her fear and anxiety to be a Lantern is a triumph. I have been enjoying this run of Green Lanterns and I think it is because that the characters are brought down to a human level. Yes, they have powers but they fight normal issues and problems.


The art is good. I am not much of big art person. I loved the art on the first lantern. The art reflects the story beautifully. The only issue is that the lantern messages are in a lime green that can be hard to read some times.


I like the trade. 4 out of 5 stars. The third volume is set to hit comic book shops on September 13, 2017.


The Fourth Monkey-Book Review

Looking for book to satisfy your need for a good serial killer; look no further to J.D. Barker’s novel The Fourth Monkey. I was able to obtain an advanced reading copy by looking more into Barker’s work to discover that the book was available to review. I couldn’t say no and so I put my name to get The Fourth Monkey and it arrived in my mailbox and since I have started the book I could not put it down. The Fourth Monkey is a mix of Dexter, Silence of the Lambs and Seven.


The novel is laid out in a split narrative: Detective Sam Porter, the Four Monkey Killer’s (4MK) diary, victim Emory and Detective Clair Norton. It starts off with a man who walks in front of bus dying instantaneously but something tips off Porter when they find a white box with black string. In it contains the ear of the Four Monkey Killer’s latest victim. For the past five years, Porter has been on the case of the serial killer the Four Monkey Killer. His MO is the three monkeys: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil but there is a fourth monkey Do No Evil. He kidnaps his victims who have family members that are engaged in illegal activity.

To start off, Porter reminds me of Lieutenant William F. Kinderman from The Exorcist III. Porter is an old detective who is retired but he comes back at the first sign of 4MK. He isn’t willing to let his age deter him from hunting down 4MK, and when the 4MK leaves his diary Porter digs deeper into the mind of the serial killer. Porter won’t stop until he finds the missing girl from the fate of being The Four Monkey killer’s last victim.

Image result for four monkey

Part of the novel is 4MK’s diary, we get to see into his childhood and it is one messed up childhood. He gets his screwed up moral belief from his father. His mother is having an affair with the neighbor’s wife. Things get complicated when Mr. Carter finds out about the affair and starts to abuse Mrs. Carter and berating 4MK’s mother. Carter soon finds his fate in the hands of 4MK’s dad. As I continued to read the diary, the 1960’s mom and pop wiped away and were replaced with sick individuals. I could see why 4MK ended up being so messed up that he kills people. The narrative shows the true mind of a killer; it’s twisted and pretending to hold onto some kind of normality.

Through the novel, the characters were well developed. The twist and turns of the plot were unforeseeable. As I read the novel, I knew that there was something missing; something that was not right with the 4MK and my hunch was right but it took a different turn than I expected. This novel is a page turner, and I enjoyed reading it until the last page. Barker’s novel is a rollercoaster of twists and turns so put the bar down and enjoy the ride. The Fourth Monkey is available for pre-order and will be released on June 27, 2017.

About the Author:


J.D. BARKER is the international best-selling author of Forsaken, a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Debut Novel. In addition, he has been asked to coauthor a prequel to Dracula by the Stoker family. Barker splits his time between Englewood, Florida, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Forest

The Forest (2016 Directed by Jason Zada)
The Forest is my pick for favorite movie of 2016. The film is centered around Aokigahara (The Suicide Forest). Sara (Natalie Dormer, Game of Thrones) travels to Japan to find her twin sister (also played by Natalie Dormer)  who was last seen going into the forest. She travels the forest with reporter Aiden to find her sister; slowly she begins to see the spirits of the forest and they begin to take effect on her. One of the reasons that I chose this film was the story; Sara will do anything to find her sister that she believes is in trouble. Shes goes to a foreign country into a wilderness she has no knowledge of. Another reason I like this film is the horror/fear is what is in her mind; she hallucinates all these creepy Japanese spirits and has to tell herself it is not real. All the horror is in her own head and mind, and that is what I find is the scariest of all.

The Melittology of Bees

The Melittology,

work atomsphere of a plan nature,

me, worker bee,

who culuminates the production,

no cognizance,

my murmurs going to the Queen,

she has no zeal for me,

her drones watch me,

can’t they see this bee is broken,

torn apart, abdomen and thorax,

protruding entralls for the myriad to see,

but as my organs are ripped away,

I will become the bee eater,

I will burn the nests and hives,

swarming the bees into nothingness,

I will incinerate the queen from her throne,

She will no longer remain,

And I will be satisfied.




Loot Crate October

This month’s theme for Loot Crate is Horror. The four theme spoilers that were promised was Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm St, Friday the 13th, and The Walking Dead. I can admit with this box I was excited; all the spoilers provided were movies and a television show that I would enjoy to have in my own collection of collectibles.

loot crate october 2016

A t-shirt is sent in every box; I was very disappointed that I did not get this t-shirt in time for the season premiere of The Walking Dead. The t-shirt displays the new villain of Walking Dead Negan. The design of the t-shirt is clever and funny: “Negan Sluggers.” Also in the box is the Loot Pin which was classic Halloween with the classic movie cover and Michael Myer’s white mask with a divide of his own knife. The loot pin also unlocks the Steam game Superflight.

The next item is from Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Glove Chopsticks. This is an unique item to include in the box; it is not an item that has been in other subscription boxes. After reading some reviews on the box, people thought the glove was cheaply made and hindered the use of the chopsticks. When I tried to use the chopsticks it was easier because I could use the glove to hold the chopsticks together. I don’t use chopsticks much but after receiving this I might need to eat more food requiring chopsticks.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre item is a plush doll of Leather Face. There were two variations: sad Leatherface and happy Leatherface. Not a lot of people like plushies, to me this was an ok item. It will be good company for my Freddy Krueger plushie. Another item included was a Friday the 13th pennant. This item seems very cheaply made but with it being a Friday the 13th item it was great for me. It is now hanging on my wall of horror pride.

The last item in the box was The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains Book. The book does not really go with the theme this month; the book is a loot crate exclusive and there was a book in regards to Superheroes in a prior box. Unfortunately the book will be read once and then have a very lonely life on my bookshelf.

Overall, this box was probably a solid 7 out of 10. It would have been better to have a Funko pop instead of the plushie. The pennant was a filler item; it seems very cheap in quality. The two items that I liked were the t-shirt and the chopsticks. If only I got the box before the season premiere so I can show my Negan pride(I have a feeling he is a character that people will love to hate).



My favorite horror movie

When asked to write about my favorite horror movie there was no doubt in my mind to write about the film Interview with a VampireInterview with a Vampire is the first book of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles and was adapted into a movie starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.  The opening starts with Christian Slater’s character Daniel Malloy looking for an exciting story and this is where he meets Louis (Brad Pitt), a vampire.  Throughout the movie, Louis tells his tale of his life as an immortal.

The reason that I was attracted to this film was vampires.  I am a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayerfan and have been since I was in middle school.  The story is the main reason why I have this as my favorite horror movie.  When Louis is turned we can see his humanity and his disgust for drinking blood.  Lestat (Tom Cruise) makes a mockery of Louis as he feeds on rats and the occasional poodle.  Louis tries to cling to his humanity but that has been lost, and in the film there is a line where he says that he found peace in killing.  The vampires in the film share many human traits: love, anger, revenge, hate, jealously, selfishness.  Even Lestat, the main antagonist of the film, is selfish; it is seen as he turns Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) to keep Louis with him.

Also the character relationship between Claudia and Louis was very strong.  At the beginning of her immortal life, there is a cute scene where she would crawl into his coffin.  She would have to tiptoe around the light to not be exposed to the sun.  It reminded me much of a child waking up in the middle of the night and crawling into bed with their parents.  Even when the two grow apart Louis still loves Claudia.  This is seen as he avenges her death by killing everyone in the theatre of vampires. 

Also the music in the film is just great.  With the main song of the film being “Sympathy for the Devil” performed by the Rolling Stones.  The song captures the main villain Lestat’s personality to a tee.  Also notable music was Lestat’s Sonata which was an excellent choice to pair with the mutiny by Louis and Claudia.  It was played great into the scene and was ended beautiful with Lestat saying, “You’ve been a very, very, naughty little girl.”

On this note, I leave you with these parting words, the vampires in this film depict humanity. They sometimes portray the worst of humanity but they do express it.  And I will leave you with this quote: “Goodnight sweet prince, may flights of devils wing you to your rest.”


Hi, Geek Librarian here. This is my welcome post so welcome to my blog. There should be some good things coming soon about geekdom, librarians, history, etc. Starting this blog was to just get my views out there, to be a part of the discussion. First off, I am a big lover of comic books, horror movies, nerdy TV shows, etc. The list can go on and on about what I like and what I find interesting. So welcome and Enjoy. Welcome to some good old-fashioned fun boys and girls.